Repost Tik

There are many different and enjoyable videos in TikTok. Recording the videos you see, taking a screen video, sharing the link may not provide you with the efficiency you want. This is where the repost feature comes into play. The repost feature allows you to share the video you want on your profile with a single tap, without compromising its quality. In this way, you can repost all the videos you want on your profile. The best way to repost your TikTok videos is Repost Tik. You can add a nice atmosphere to your profile by reposting videos. Fill your profile with beautiful videos that you repost, so you can show amazing videos from many places on a single profile.


It's very easy to use reposter for TikTok!

Save & Repost videos and save your time!


Copy the link of the video you want to repost.


When you open Repost Tik after copy the link the app automatically paste it.


The video will be shown to you as a preview, so you can watch before posting it.


You can save the videos you repost inside the app.

Then open the app, you will see the link automatically copied. After that, all you have to do is press the repost button and then write the comment you want.

Preview to video which wanted to reposting.

Saving the reposted videos on the app.

Sharing videos via the app.

Handling everything from one simple menu.