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10 Things To Consider Before You Have a Mobile App ?

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

1. Different Apps are Developed for Different Operating Systems

It is necessary to decide whether the desired application will be built for Android or iOS. Because of the operating systems are different, different applications are produced for Apple and Android devices and they are available for sale in the iOS apps App Store and Android Apps Play Store. The Apple App Store is significantly better curated and better policed than the Google Play Store. iOS developers looking to get their apps on the App Store have to go through a long and expensive list of checks and procedures, but the result is a net increase in the overall quality of iOS apps. iOS apps are generally cleaner than Android apps and they have fewer ads and they generally have extra features. Which one is more successful in terms of data security is still a matter of debate. But even as Android devices continue to develop their versions to be more secure, iOS is more difficult to penetrate because of its more closed ecosystem. All of these factors combined make it harder for attackers to target iOS users. Thanks to it has a closed ecosystem, it is impossible to install external applications on devices with the iOS operating system. For this reason, iOS is much more advantageous for app developers.


2. You Can Buy Apps You Sell On The App Store From Different Companies Just Like You Buy A Raw Material

You should evaluate whether you have enough budget and time to complete this whole build app process. If not, you can work with app development companies or mobile app developers. Because the best mobile app agencies manage all these processes with employees who are specialized in each process, they produce much more successful apps and finish your application more easily and in a short time. For this reason, it will be much more advantageous to work

with mobile app development agencies instead of freelance app developers.

3.Different App Stores Have Different Admissions Guidelines

The mobile app developers should have a strong understanding of the patterns and practices that

revolve around the iOS platform or Android platform. But the iOS developers should be more careful about the approval process. Because Apple’s App Store has lots of criteria to approve applications therefore, iOS developers looking to get their apps on the App Store have to go through a long list of checks and procedures. If you will work with an expert iOS app developer you can easily get approved for your app.

4.Different Software Language is Used for Different Operating Systems

App developers need to use different coding languages according to the type of application they will develop. For example mobile app developers who produce apps for Android typically write programs using either objective C, C++, Python, or Java.

But the iOS app developers generally know Swift or Objective-C (and some know both languages, which is best).