Smart Cleaner : Free Up Space

Smart Cleaner : Free Up Space

My Data Manager : Junk Removal


Free Up Your Device Memory

There is a lot of data in your device that you have overlooked and that takes up more space than you think. Finding this data can sometimes seem difficult and sometimes impossible, but with Cleaner, you can see all of this data and easily clean your device.

Detect Duplicate Photos

Cleaner detects your duplicate photos, so you can free up phone memory with duplicates on your phone. Before the Cleaner deletes the photos, it asks you which ones you want to delete, so you don't delete the photo you don't want to lose.

Delete Unnecessary Data

Get rid of all the redundant data with a single tap. Empty excess data from your device with the clean button that appears when you enter the menu.

Delete Unwanted Photos

Free your phone from photos you don't need with a single tap.

Large Videos

You can easily delete and clean the videos that you once took on your phone and forgot or that take up more space than you think. See and delete videos that take up large space with Cleaner, rather than going into your gallery and searching them one by one.

Screen Shots

The screenshots you have taken repeatedly or forgot to delete may be taking up unnecessary space on your phone. Since these screenshots are in the photo category, it can be very difficult to find and delete them. With Cleaner, this difficulty disappears and can be simply deleted.


With the Vault feature, you can put the data you want to keep on your phone in the vault. When you want to access the data you have stored, Vault allows you to access the data after a secure transition by asking you the password you have decided before.