Secret Vault : Hide Your Data

Secret Vault : Hide Your Data

Store Your Photos & Accounts


Safely store your information with strong passwords

Set your password. After you set your password, you can start using the data you want in the vault. These are mainly your private notes, photos, and bank card information. Secret Vault does not just end with password-protecting your data in the vault.

Keep Your Photos Safe

You can have many photos on your phone that are just for you. However, anyone with access to your device can see these photos. To protect yourself from such situations, you can keep your photos in the Secret Vault and provide encrypted protection.

Private Notes

You can keep notes private to you in the Vault. Only you can access these notes. It's very annoying when someone other than you can access your notes while using your device. To prevent this situation, keep your notes in the secret notes folder of Secret Vault, which is the safest place. Just like your photos.

Keep Your Social Media Information in the Vault

By saving your social media passwords in the Secret Vault, you can access them whenever you need them. These days, we save the passwords of many social media accounts on our devices. However, in some cases, we need our social media password. In these cases if you forgot your password, you can easily find it in the Secret Vault.

Secure Card Storage

It can be very tiring to enter your bank card information one by one each time. For this reason, many websites or applications usually ask you to save your card information. However, when you do not trust the sites or applications you shop, you have to enter the information one by one and every time. However, thanks to Secret Vault, you can save your card information in a secure and encrypted way and use it easily. This saves you both time and hassle.