Easy Scanner : Simple Scan

Easy Scanner : Simple Scan

Convert Photos to PDF


The must-have app for everyone: Easy Scanner

Easy Scanner turns your phone into a full-fledged scanner for great convenience in your daily life. You can download the application for free and use it to scan, share, save files and convert them to format such as PDF.


Choose which mode you want to scan
You just hold your phone steady and the app will do the rest. Auto angle detection and auto shoot feature
If you want, change the color of the photo with fonts or show it as a photocopy.
Scan in any wanted format and convert to PDF.
Share easily on WhatsApp, Drive, Icloud etc.
Add your signature to your scan or write whatever you want.


If you have a document job, you will no longer need to print it out, scan it from the scanner, install it on the computer and then send it to the necessary places via email, as usual. Especially if you forget your signature and have to do the same things again. It will be over now because with Easy Scanner, everything is in one hand! What you need to do is very simple; Take your phone, show the document you want to scan and let the application detect the photo itself and take it. Then convert it to PDF and send it to any person or storage with one tap.


With smart filters, you can turn the document you want to scan into different colors or show it as a photocopy printout. You don't even need to take the photo first while doing these, thanks to the live filter feature, you can see the photo on the screen before you take the photo, that is, without scanning, and you can make your decision.


Signature is a big headache especially in document transactions made over the internet. But not anymore because with Smart Scan you can save your signature and place it on the photos you take, or you can prepare and draw a signature yourself if you want. In summary, you can perform all document transactions and signatures of these documents quickly and practically.