Icon Changer - Custom Themer

Icon Changer - Custom Themer

Personalize your home screen


With Icon Changer, you now can customize your app icons in 1000’s different styles and personalize the home screen with aesthetic icons you’ve always dreamed of.

You can also combine backgrounds, widgets and icons as you like and create unique screens. The screen you create will be 100% original.

The app contains:
- 100’s themes
- 1000’s icons
- 100’s wallpapers and widget designs

For your ease, our app contains detailed instructions on how to add each functionality to your phone.

Please note that the app requires iOS 14.

To download our 50+ exclusive theme, you can subscribe to Icon Changer weekly $7.99 or annual $27.99. As with all of our apps, if you would like to use Icon app but have trouble affording it please email us at hellocustomthemerapp@gmail.com so we can help you with our financial assistance program.